2 Seat Ultralight Helicopters for Sale | Tips Before Buying

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Ultralight helicopters have gained immense popularity in recent years, offering a unique and exhilarating flying experience.

Among the various options available, 2 seat ultralight helicopters have become particularly sought after by aviation enthusiasts and aspiring pilots.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about purchasing a 2 seat ultralight helicopter and ensure a smooth and informed decision-making process.

What Are 2 Seat Ultralight Helicopters?

Before diving into the details, let’s first understand what exactly defines a 2 seat ultralight helicopter. As the name suggests, these helicopters are designed to accommodate two individuals – the pilot and a passenger.

Unlike their larger counterparts, 2 seat ultralight helicopters offer a more intimate and personalized flying experience.

They are known for their lightweight construction, enhanced maneuverability, and fuel efficiency, making them an attractive choice for both recreational and professional use.

ModelManufacturerEngineMax Speed (km/h)Cruise Speed (km/h)Empty Weight (kg)Useful Load (kg)Price (USD)
AK1-3ARGO Aero Sp z o.oA-95 Gasoline230190330240N/A
Cabri G2Hélicoptères GuimbalRotax 914 UL200170335230$147,000
CH-7TCICARERotax 914 UL190170370250€85,000
Exec 162FRotorWay Helicopter Manufacturing CompanyRotax 503145120230180$59,995
KISS 216Dynami Helicopter CompanyHirth F33205185340270€53,000
MosquitoSafari HelicopterRotax 912ULS170150370230€60,000
X3BDB HelicoptersRotax 914230190420280N/A
2 Seat Ultralight Helicopters for Sale

Factors to Consider Before Buying

1. Licensing and Regulations

Before embarking on your journey to own a 2 seat ultralight helicopter, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the legal requirements and regulations. The first step typically involves obtaining the appropriate pilot certification, depending on your location.

In the United States, options include the Ultralight License, Sport Pilot License, or Recreational Pilot License. Research the specific regulations in your area to ensure compliance before making a purchase.

2. Budget Considerations

To make an informed decision, you must carefully assess your budget and consider all associated costs. The price of a 2 seat ultralight helicopter can vary widely depending on several factors, including the model, brand, and level of customization.

On average, a basic ultralight helicopter kit can range from $20,000 to $60,000, while fully assembled helicopters can cost anywhere from $80,000 to $200,000.

Keep in mind that additional expenses such as maintenance, fuel, insurance, and storage will also factor into the overall cost.

3. Suitability and Purpose

Understanding your personal needs and intended use for a 2 seat ultralight helicopter is crucial. These helicopters are well-suited for recreational flying, aerial photography, and even flight training purposes.

However, it’s important to note that they have limitations when compared to larger, more powerful aircraft.

Evaluate your specific requirements, desired range, and payload capacity to ensure that a 2 seat ultralight helicopter aligns with your expectations.

2 Seat Ultralight Helicopters for Sale

Researching Available Options

When it comes to purchasing a 2 seat ultralight helicopter, thorough research is essential. Familiarize yourself with the various models and manufacturers available in the market to find the one that suits your needs.

Here are some popular options worth considering:

1. Mosquito Helicopter

The Mosquito Helicopter Company offers a range of 2 seat ultralight helicopters known for their agility and affordability.

They provide both fully assembled helicopters and kits for those who enjoy the satisfaction of building their aircraft from scratch.

The Mosquito XEL is a popular choice, featuring a lightweight design and easy maintenance.

2. Magni Gyrocopter

Magni Gyro is renowned for their gyroplanes, which incorporate elements of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.

Their M-24 Orion model is a 2 seat ultralight gyrocopter that offers stability, exceptional maneuverability, and a smooth flying experience.

With their commitment to safety and innovation, Magni Gyrocopters are highly regarded within the aviation community.

2 Seat Ultralight Helicopters for Sale

Evaluating the Helicopter’s Condition

Once you have identified a potential 2 seat ultralight helicopter for purchase, it’s crucial to conduct a thorough evaluation of its condition. Here are some key steps to consider:

1. Pre-Purchase Inspection

Engage a qualified professional or an experienced mechanic to perform a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection.

This inspection must cover all aspects of the helicopter, including its engine, rotor blades, controls, avionics, and safety features.

A detailed inspection report will provide insight into any existing issues or maintenance requirements, helping you make an informed decision.

2. Maintenance History and Logbooks

Request the helicopter’s maintenance history and logbooks from the seller. These documents serve as a record of past maintenance activities, repairs, and inspections.

Carefully review them to ensure the helicopter has been well-maintained and in compliance with manufacturer guidelines.

A comprehensive maintenance history instills confidence in the helicopter’s overall condition and reliability.

2 Seat Ultralight Helicopters for Sale

Financing and Insurance Options

1. Financing an Ultralight Helicopter

If purchasing a 2 seat ultralight helicopter outright is not feasible, several financing options are available to consider. Potential avenues may include bank loans, aircraft-specific financing companies, or leasing programs.

Research these options thoroughly and assess the requirements and interest rates to select the option that best suits your financial situation.

2. Insuring an Ultralight Helicopter

It is crucial to obtain proper insurance coverage for your 2 seat ultralight helicopter. Insurance requirements may vary depending on your location and the intended use of the aircraft.

Factors that impact insurance costs include pilot experience, aircraft value, and desired coverage. Contact reputable insurance providers specializing in ultralight aircraft to receive accurate quotes and ensure adequate coverage.

Training and Pilot Certification

1. Ultralight Flight Training

While the intention behind 2 seat ultralight helicopters is to provide a simpler and more accessible flying experience, proper training is crucial for safe operation. Enroll in ultralight flight training programs offered by certified instructors.

These programs cover fundamental aspects of flight and helicopter control, ensuring that you are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge.

2. Pilot Certification

Obtaining the appropriate pilot certification is essential to legally fly a 2 seat ultralight helicopter. Depending on your location, this can range from an Ultralight License to a Sport Pilot License or a Recreational Pilot License.

Research the specific requirements, including flight hours and theoretical knowledge tests, to understand the process of obtaining the necessary certification.


Purchasing a 2 seat ultralight helicopter is a significant decision that requires careful consideration and research.

This comprehensive guide has provided valuable insights into the factors to consider, available options, evaluating the helicopter’s condition, financing and insurance considerations, as well as pilot training and certification.

By leveraging this knowledge, you are well-equipped to make an informed decision and embark on an exciting journey into the world of 2 seat ultralight helicopters for sale.

Remember to consult with professionals, manufacturers, and aviation experts for personalized guidance that aligns with your unique circumstances and aspirations.

Safe flying and enjoy the thrill of owning a 2 seat ultralight helicopter!

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